Story Book Lodge Covid-19 Statement

Many of you have been wondering what effect the Minnesota peacetime emergency will have on this summer’s scheduled camps. Under the current terms of the governor’s stay-at-home order, operating an overnight camp would be impossible. However, the restrictions have been lifting as we learn more about treating and preventing the disease, and it is still yet possible that camps may be allowed to go on, though perhaps with limited numbers, facilities, and activities.

Accordingly, the board has resolved that instead of a wholesale cancellation of all or part of the camping season, the board will reach decisions about cancellation on a rolling basis no later than two weeks prior to the first day of each camp. If cancellations occur, they will be posted on the camp website and an email will be sent to everyone registered.

It may be that a camp will not be cancelled, but the attendance must be lowered in order to be in compliance with state laws and regulations. In that event, all campers currently registered for the camp will be given a first-come, first-serve chance to re-register for the camp. While regrettable, this may result in some campers who had been registered for a camp being unable to re-register due to the capacity being filled. If this occurs, those campers will be given priority in registering for other camp opportunities.

This is a difficult time, and while none of us anticipated these circumstances we remain confident that the Lord is in control. We appreciate your prayers for the Lord’s work at Story Book Lodge, that it would go forward in a way and manner that is pleasing to Him. Please continue to check the website for updates and news. We look forward to seeing you this summer if the Lord wills!