Story Book Lodge

Christian Camp

Story Book Lodge is a faith-run Christian camp nestled in the woods of northern Minnesota offering Bible-focused summer camps and weekend retreats where people of all ages can grow in their faith, make lasting friendships, and enjoy God's creation.

A week of fun, memories and learning.

Memories made at Story Book Lodge Christian Camp last a lifetime. Many of our staff members were campers themselves at one point and still share memories of favorite Bible speakers, campfire stories, sports teams, and fun with friends. The home-cooked food is exceptional, receiving raving reviews from both campers and staff. Campers will love meeting new friends and enjoying camp activities while they learn from the Bible about God's great love for them and the way of salvation through Jesus Christ!

Storybook Lodge Camp lakeside swimming area
Birch and pine trees overlooking the lake
Birch and pine trees overlooking the lake

How to sign up for a week at

Story Book Lodge

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SBL is loved by campers
and trusted by parents

I love Story Book! It is basically a second home in the summer and a great getaway in the winter. Everyone there is super kind and willing to do whatever to serve the Lord. The worship is always inspiring and uplifting, The messages are always very intelligent and thought through, and the food is fantastic! I really enjoy Swimming, Sports, Games, and hanging out with friends there. Overall a great experience with great people!

Isaac T. - Teen Camper

Story Book Lodge is the most unique place, because all who visit are equal. It does not matter if you show up in a fancy car, or a rust bucket. Once that bell rings at 5:30 for supper Sunday night, all in attendance quickly feel welcomed and accepted. You find yourself quickly forgetting about the world you left back home, and are showered with truth from the Bible about all things eternal. Stuff that really matters.

Peter and Joanna K. - Parents/Staff

SBL has been an amazing place to send our children. We love that our kids have been able to develop relationships with other Christians from different places and backgrounds. The time away from normal distractions of life to focus on spiritual things is invaluable in this day and age. Not only have our kids enjoyed being campers, but they have had the amazing opportunity to apply what they have learned as camp staff.

Carolyn S. - Parent

Storybook Lodge is one of my favorite places to be. It has influenced my life incredibly. I would not be able to go to Storybook if it was not a free camp, thanks be to God. I was saved at Story Book when I was eleven, and have continued to grow in my faith whenever I come to Story Book. I have not found a more loving and accepting place on earth than Story Book. The counselors and speakers at Storybook meet you where you are in your faith, and always give you something to encourage you, convict you, or just something to think about more. I'm so thankful for Storybook and everything it provides.

Chloe H. - Teen Camper

SBL sign at the entrance
SBL sign at the entrance


Story Book Lodge exists because God has provided in amazing ways to bring the camp into existence and to sustain it. We have looked to Him for support in every way since 1948. Every year He has proved Himself faithful!

Like other camps, Story Book Lodge Camp has expenses: food, sporting goods supplies, replacing things that wear out (including buildings or gym floors sometimes!), utilities, and many other things. (Not SBL staff–they volunteer without a promise of pay.)

We do not charge campers to attend, knowing that some can’t afford to pay. We trust in our God to move the hearts of families who can contribute, and also the hearts of many people who have experienced the life-changing value of Camp in past years. All contributions are voluntary.

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Story Book Lodge Christian camp is located at 5079 Vermilion Trail in Gilbert, Minnesota 55741. The camp is located approximately 4 miles south of Biwabik, Minnesota.

A typical day at camp is filled with fun activities, sports, Bible lessons, and delicious meals. We detail the entire day's events on our Day at Camp page.

The facilities at Story Book Lodge include themed cabins from traditional children's stories. Other buildings include a state-of-the-art gym (called King's Court), a dining hall, a chapel, and more. Check out all of the facilities on the Facilities page.

Got more questions? Read both of our FAQ pages.