Story Book Lodge is a Christian camp located in northern Minnesota that offers many different camps and retreats throughout the year. Check out the schedule here!

Story Book Lodge COVID-19 Update
The board of directors for Story Book Lodge have provided the following statement regarding the COVID-19 peacetime emergency in Minnesota. You can see the latest updates on a specific camp’s status at the bottom of that page. Please check back here for more updates as they become available.

2020 Camp and Retreat Registration is now open!
We’re excited about the upcoming camp season. The dates are up for the spring and summer events.┬áSimply browse our selection of Camps and Retreats, select the event you would like to go to, and fill out the signup form. (Due to space constraints, we ask that you only attend one camp per camping season.)

Staff Registration
We are now accepting staff applications for the 2020 camp season. Please prayerfully consider serving this summer!

We get a lot of questions about camp: what to bring? what kind of activities are there? how do I contact my camper? So we posted the most common questions we receive. Your question may have already been asked. Get answers.