Mailing Address

Packages, letters, and other correspondence can be mailed directly to the camp.

Story Book Lodge Christian Camp
5079 Vermilion Trail
Gilbert, MN 55741

Phone Numbers

Camp phone: (218) 865-4379
Director's phone: (218) 410-4119


Director's email:

How to Contact My Child at Camp

There are a couple of ways to contact your camper during the week.

The best communication is through written letters. We encourage the campers to write home as well using traditional mail. Campers eagerly anticipate the mail call at lunch each day and are always excited to get letters and packages.

Parents and friends are welcome to email campers at:

NOTE: Campers may receive emails, but they will not be able to reply.

In the event of an emergency, you can contact the camp office or the director:

Camp phone: (218) 865-4379
Director's phone: (218) 410-4119

If the parents are unsure that their camper is mature enough to be away from home for a week, we would encourage waiting until such maturity is evident.

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