Summer Camps

Summer camps are the core of the Story Book experience.

Playing games near caboose

Fun, action-packed days drift into reflective evenings around the campfire. Meals are delicious and hearty and are given ecstatic reviews by campers and staff alike. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lifelong friendships have been born out of our summer camps. (Learn more about what a day at camp looks like here)

Story Book Lodge has camps running from June through August and ages ranging from 9 to 19, plus family camps. These camps vary in duration and focus.

The Story Book Lodge staff are volunteers who are focused on creating a great week for each camper. We have staff ranging from high school students to seasoned parents who serve with their families. SBL has operated every summer for 75+ years.

Junior Camp

Ages: 9-13


Camp length: 1 week
Cost: No cost. Learn more

Junior Camps are geared towards ages 9-13. These are one-week camps where campers engage in Bible lessons twice a day, participate in team sports, and enjoy a range of free-time activities (archery, canoeing, gym sports, crafting, swimming, drama, and more). Three junior camps are provided each summer.

Upcoming camps

Jun 4 - Jun 10
Ages: 9-13

1st Junior Camp 2023

Tom Brammer, Byron Unger

Jun 11 - Jun 17
Ages: 9-13

2nd Junior Camp 2023

George Farber, Daniel Triestman

Jul 16 - Jul 22
Ages: 9-13

3rd Junior Camp 2023

Phil Kleymann, Kevin Stiles

Junior High Camp

Ages: 11-15

Floor hockey in the gym

Camp length: 1 week
Cost: No cost. Learn more

Junior High Camp is geared toward 11 to 15-year-olds. The speakers for this week focus their Bible messages on questions and topics common for young teenagers. These campers also get to enjoy group sports, guided activities, and many options for free time activities around camp. One Junior High Camp is offered per year.

Girls Camp

Ages: 9-13

Campfire with counselor and campers

Camp length: 1 week
Cost: No cost. Learn more

Girls Camp is created exclusively for girls ages 9 through 13. This camp provides the expected camp activities—sports, guided activities, free time, etc.,—while providing some large group fun! The staff at Girls Camp creates group games, crafts, challenges, and more for girls to enjoy throughout the week. Staff for this week includes high school, college/career-aged young women, and mothers.

Teen Camps

Ages: 14-19

Quiz time at teen camp chapel

Story Book Lodge runs two teen camps each summer: Teen Camp and Senior Teen Camp. These camps are geared toward teen campers. The speakers at the teen camps focus Bible messages toward a teen-level of study. The campers participate in various sports and activities (canoeing, crafts, archery, etc.) as well as a range of events that are teen camp specific—staffer vs. camper softball games, volleyball tournaments, extra team competitions, and more!

Upcoming camps

Jun 18 - Jul 1
Ages: 14-19

Teen Camp 2023

Keith Block, Philemon Hammond, John Heller, Joel Lewicki

Jul 30 - Aug 5
Ages: 15-19

Senior Teen Camp 2023

Henry Sardina, Craig Shakarji

Teen Camp - Age 14-19
Camp length: 2 weeks
Cost: No cost. Learn more

Teen Camp provides campers with two weeks at SBL for ages 14-19. The two weeks follow the traditional camp schedule with a variety of team and cabin activities over the weekend.

Senior Teen Camp - Age 15-19
Camp length: 1 week
Cost: No cost. Learn more

Senior Teen Camp provides the teen camp experience in a shorter, one-week timeframe for teens ages 15-19.

Check out the Teen Fall Retreat and Winter Retreat for more events during the year!

Family Camps

Ages: all ages

Walking through puddle

Camp length: 1 week
Cost: No cost. Learn more

Family camps are a great time to spend a week together learning about God, enjoying nature, and making new friends. Each family is assigned one of the unique cabins for the week. Throughout the day, there are many age-appropriate opportunities to hear and discuss the word of God.

Family camp is a relaxed atmosphere and provides families plenty of time for rest and enjoyable free-time activities together and with new friends. And it's so popular with families that we offer 3 of these camps each summer!

Upcoming camps

Jul 2 - Jul 8
Ages: all

1st Family Camp 2023

David Dunlap, Larry Price

Aug 6 - Aug 12
Ages: all

2nd Family Camp

Keith Keyser, Mark Woodhouse

Aug 13 - Aug 19
Ages: all

3rd Family Camp

Kevin Fitzgerald, Bob Upton

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I love Story Book! It is basically a second home in the summer and a great getaway in the winter. Everyone there is super kind and willing to do whatever to serve the Lord. The worship is always inspiring and uplifting, The messages are always very intelligent and thought through, and the food is fantastic! I really enjoy Swimming, Sports, Games, and hanging out with friends there. Overall a great experience with great people!

Isaac T. - Teen Camper

Story Book Lodge is the most unique place, because all who visit are equal. It does not matter if you show up in a fancy car, or a rust bucket. Once that bell rings at 5:30 for supper Sunday night, all in attendance quickly feel welcomed and accepted. You find yourself quickly forgetting about the world you left back home, and are showered with truth from the Bible about all things eternal. Stuff that really matters.

Peter and Joanna K. - Parents/Staff

SBL has been an amazing place to send our children. We love that our kids have been able to develop relationships with other Christians from different places and backgrounds. The time away from normal distractions of life to focus on spiritual things is invaluable in this day and age. Not only have our kids enjoyed being campers, but they have had the amazing opportunity to apply what they have learned as camp staff.

Carolyn S. - Parent

Storybook Lodge is one of my favorite places to be. It has influenced my life incredibly. I would not be able to go to Storybook if it was not a free camp, thanks be to God. I was saved at Story Book when I was eleven, and have continued to grow in my faith whenever I come to Story Book. I have not found a more loving and accepting place on earth than Story Book. The counselors and speakers at Storybook meet you where you are in your faith, and always give you something to encourage you, convict you, or just something to think about more. I'm so thankful for Storybook and everything it provides.

Chloe H. - Teen Camper