For over 60+ years, Story Book Lodge has not charged fees for campers to attend. We want to give every young person the ability to attend SBL - regardless of their ability to pay.

Instead, we have trusted the Lord to provide through churches, assemblies, organizations, and individuals - anyone who believes in SBL's mission. These generous individuals have the desire to help fund the camp and pay for all camper-related costs.

The counseling staff at Story Book Lodge operates on a volunteer basis and willingly gives up vacation time, summer opportunities, etc. They do this because they believe in the work SBL is doing.

The Lord has been faithful to supply finances for food, utilities, maintenance, and every expense associated with running a summer Bible camp.

Those who wish to help the camp in a financial way may send a check or cash. Some donors have asked their banks to automatically send out a monthly check.

We do not currently have online giving or any form of credit card giving.

Mailing Address:
Story Book Lodge Christian Camp
5079 Vermilion Trail
Gilbert, MN 55741

Donations can also be left at the camp office in King's Court.