How Much Does Camp Cost?

Cost…Every camp has a cost, right? Well, first of all, Story Book Lodge exists because God provided in amazing ways to bring it into existence, and we have looked to Him for support in every way since 1948. That’s a long time, and every year He has proved Himself faithful!

Yes, Story Book Lodge Camp has costs…food, sporting good supplies, replacing things that wear out (including buildings or gym floors sometimes!), utilities, and many other things. (Not the staff–they volunteer without a promise of pay.)

But we do not set a charge for campers to come, knowing that some can’t afford to pay, while some can, but not very much. We trust in our God to move the hearts of those campers who can contribute, and also the hearts of many people who have experienced the life-changing value of Camp in past years. All contributions are voluntary–we don’t even suggest an amount.

And if you come, don’t expect to receive pleas for money in years to come–we don’t do that. We know by experience that our God has infinitely deep pockets! And He has provided in many amazing ways in the past!

If you are able to share in the cost it takes to run Camp, we appreciate that very much. But if you can’t, don’t let that keep you away. Above all, we value the opportunity to share God’s Word with you!