Staff Guidelines

The purpose of Storybook Lodge is to share the gospel with every camper that attends. To ensure that this goal is met, our staff is expected to adhere to the following guidelines.

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” – 1st Corinthians 10:31

  1. Staff members should follow the instruction of those in authority!
  2. Staff member may go off campgrounds by permission only & only with a senior counselor
  3. Staff members should attend all chapel meetings unless excused beforehand by the director.
  4. Staff members should keep their living area clean & help with the cabin when not on work duty.
  5. Staff members should bring all problems/complaints to their senior counselor or camp director. Don’t discuss complaints with others or gossip with others to arouse dissension.
  6. Staff members should be willing to put the needs of the campers before their own personal desires.
  7. Staff members should build up their senior counselors in every way & always seek to pull campers to follow their senior counselors.
  8. Staff -Camper boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are not allowed.
  9. The Lodge should be used for devotional times with staff members & for quiet visits.
  10. Staff curfew is the same as the camper curfew. Do not leave your rooms after curfew.
  11. Staff members should not encourage their friends to call them at camp.
  12. Staff members should dress modestly at all times.
  13. Absolutely no girls allowed in boys’ rooms & no boys allowed in girls’ rooms.
  14. Staff members should work harmoniously together whenever asked, even if it means unscheduled work.
  15. Staff members should plan to work through Saturday morning assignments on the last day of each camp.

The bottom line is: Be Careful! Your example will speak volumes more to your campers than anything you say.