How to Register for Camp

1. Read the Summer Camps page or Retreats page

If you are unfamiliar with camp types, age requirements, or camp lengths, please read either the Summer Camps page or the Retreats page. This will help you become familiar with how things work at Story Book Lodge.

2. Go to the Schedule page

Story Book Lodge Schedule

This will display the full list of upcoming camps available, as well as the seasons.

Click on the camp you wish to attend

  • Ensure your child fits the age category for the camp. You can look at the different camp types on our Summer Camp information page.
  • See if the camp has registration available. If it is full, you will be entered on the waitlist.

3. Select "Register a Camper" and enter your information

Fill out the form with complete, accurate information.

4. You will receive a confirmation email OR a waitlist email

If you receive a confirmation email, it will say you have been granted a spot in the camp.

If you receive a waitlist email, you are placed into a queue of campers waiting for an open spot at the requested camp. If a camper cancels their spot at camp due to illness or unexpected circumstances, we will begin backfilling using the waitlist. This process is done on a first-come, first-serve basis.

5. Fill out Medical Forms

All campers need to fill out medical release forms before being admitted to Story Book. You can find the required medical forms here. These forms need to be printed, completed, signed by a parent or guardian of the camper, and brought with you on the day your child is dropped off at camp.

Registration FAQ

Please contact the camp Director as soon as possible to allow other campers who are on the waitlist a chance to be at camp. You can cancel a registration using the form below, or call/text Uncle Bill at 218-410-4119

The waitlist is utilized when a camp has all available spots filled. When this happens, a potential camper is placed on the waitlist. If a camper with an existing spot cancels due to illness or another unexpected event - the Camp Director will begin backfilling these open spots on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are on the waitlist, you will receive an email if your name (or your child's name) is "on deck" or up next. You will have a limited time to respond before the Camp Director will fill the spot with another camper lower on the waitlist.

No, only one camper per camp per year. This policy is in place to allow space for other campers to enjoy Story Book Lodge!

View Story Book Lodge medical forms here. These forms need to be printed, completed, and signed by a parent before a camper can be admitted to Story Book Lodge. Bring the forms with you when you bring your child to camp.

Please contact us on our Contact Page if you are having issues with registration. We will attempt to troubleshoot the issue or help you manually register for a camp.